Rocket-boost fan engagement and traffic to your media properties.

Relola’s live geo-pin platform harnesses the love of your fans and their networks to grow traffic at a fraction of the cost of other digital channels.

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1. Your fans love to see and be seen. Let them pin content to your channel.

Mapped content has more personal relevance and lets them connect to you — and the fans around them — in ways other channels don’t.
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2. Fan posts get shared instantly with their social networks by Relola.

Each Relola post gets over 2,700 views. Automatic #HashTags drive additional visibility to players, albums or venues you want to highlight.
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3. All posts drive fans and their followers to YOUR website automatically.

Once there, they interact with fan content mapped around the world.
Fact: Our live maps featuring fans double your website engagement and boost ticket sales.
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Bring new life to your web properties. Boost fan engagement. And ticket sales.

In just a few minutes, you can get started on your iPhone or your Android device.

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