Hungry for content?
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Help your agents
broadcast your brand

When your agents use Relola to share Insights about their local community, they showcase your brokerage alongside their local market expertise -- all over the internet. And they’ll naturally draw repeat business and referrals when they showcase their market knowledge!


Create a pipeline
of local content

Turn your agents into content machines for your brokerage. The Insights they create about local features and listings automatically publish to your site. That means visitors can explore local content and your site is always fresh and relevant -- two things search engines love.


Recruit top talent

Agents are drawn to a brokerage that offers them the best technology available. By providing Relola as part of your technology package, you demonstrate a commitment to your community and to technology that supports the work agents do everyday.


Let’s design a solution!

Together we can determine what works best for your brokerage.

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