At Relola we believe it is always best to treat others like you would like them to treat you. We request that you take this to heart when you complete insights, chat, share images and more. Please treat each listing as if it was your own home being sold, and take consideration to share it in its best light. Also think of it as your listing, and present information you and your seller would want conveyed. While we urge you to be honest and provide transparency to consumers, we also request that you do so in a thoughtful manner. Thank you!



You will be happy to know that malicious behavior will simply not be tolerated on Relola. This is a positive platform meant to help consumers learn more about properties they are interested in and connect with the agents that best know their market. To nurture these relationships we strive to provide a proactive environment that is not riddled with negativity.

The following rules must be adhered to at all times. If you see someone violate these rules please flag that activity. If you violate these rules be aware, someone will probably flag you. These rules are subject to change. You will be notified any time modifications are made.

  1. No negative opinions. If you need to point out an adverse condition stick to the facts. For example if the front door is a really ugly shade of green, simply say it is green and might be improved by a coat of black paint.
  2. No home is perfect. When you point out adverse conditions always provide a solution or a silver lining. For example if the property has steep ravine behind it, mention that this provides added privacy. If the foundation is crumbling, provide a solution to repair it.
  3. Do not provide pictures or video content that includes people or animals. No selfies.
  4. Do not provide any content that might embarrass or give away personal information about the homeowners, the neighbors and the community at large.
  5. Always abide by your MLS rules and the NAR Code of Ethics.
  6. Be respectful of all of Relola’s community members and never make negative comments about anyone.
  7. Consumers love honesty and relate to agents who provide value. Do not provide false information about anything. This means don’t lie. Ever. Always be truthful.
  8. Relola is a positive and mutually supportive platform. We are all in this together. Do not use Relola to try to sabotage your competitors.
  9. All content must be rated G. No profanity of any kind, written or visual, is allowed on the platform.
  10. No ghost writing (writing insights for other people) is allowed. You may only write insights for listings you have actually visited within a week of writing the insight.


We are 100% committed to your success. Because when you share, you shine! And we like to shine a light on our users and may feature your Insights in promotional content. We will seek your permission or notify you beforehand.

If any user violates these rules 3 [three] times, their subscription to Relola will be terminated.

Any prepaid services or subscription term will NOT be refunded.