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Boost your brand and amp up your reach.

Leverage all your local expertise to show buyers and sellers you’re the agent to hire.

What kind of expertise? We’re talking the parks, cafes and stores you frequent. The listings you tour. The vendors you use.

Relola integrates localized experience, real estate interests, referrals, and personalized marketing tools into a single solution.


Boost your brand and amp up your reach with Relola.

“Relola is an exciting opportunity for every agent to put themselves on the map while creating trust with potential new customers. Relola is a game-changer!”

-TOM FERRY, Top Real Estate Coach & Speaker

“Relola is magical. I share what I know about my market -- the local places I love and the listings I already tour -- and people contact me! I know it’s not lead gen… but I love it.”


“I see Relola not only as a fantastic tool for NAR members, but also as a means to showcase the activity of NAR executives and staff as we visit local boards and associations and interact with our members.”

-BOB GOLDBERG, CEO National Association of REALTORS®

“It’s valuable and visually appealing. You’ve got everything you need to say, “Hey world, come use me!”


Brokers, get your agents on the map!

Brokers, when your agents use Relola, you have a pipeline of fresh, local content that keeps visitors on your site longer. And you offer a valuable platform to new agents looking to join your team. Relola offers white labeling, custom integrations and special educational offerings.


Pin. Share. Win!

Drop a pin on everything you love about your local community: businesses, locations and listings! And starting in 2018, all members of The National Association of REALTORS® can use Relola for free. 

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