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Capture, curate and distribute the content your group creates.

Relola is a content creation platform that lets your group map their photos, videos and experiences — and share them on your website and through social networks.

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Geotagged content capture

Upload your content to the Relola map on your website. Let users pin their photos, videos and responses – whatever information matters to you!

Content curation

Select content to display based location, tag or topic. Let group members further filter to view the content they want to see!

Content display

Geotagged content engages. Embed Relola maps on your website or your Facebook page. Limit access to group members or open it to the world!

Content distribution

Send alerts to a select few when new content is added or let users share posts to their social channels. Automatically hyperlinked, each post brings their followers to your Relola map!

How It works


How it Works

Your group members post content through your customized content capture form.


Photos, videos and comments instantly appear on your group map. Posted information is then shared publicly or privately, depending on how your channel is configured.

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How it works

Group Solutions

Completely Customizable

 Configurable features ensure the right solution for your organization.

Sales Teams
Show product impact. Share sales call outcomes. Track inventory. Increase performance.
Showcase CSR efforts. Unite dispersed teams. Report from conferences. Collaborate on field services. Build culture.
Display impact. Automatically update stakeholders. Gather data from events. Increase donations.
Display content from events. Leverage social followers. Drive sales of tickets and products.
Share testimonials. Leverage social followers. Share specials. Boost traffic to your website.
Unite support base. Share stories from the campaign trail. Leverage social followers. Grow support base.
Connect in different cities. Share professions and job opportunities. Increase engagement and donations.
Share photos and videos from games. See where others are watching. Connect club members.

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Over 50,000 Relola maps created, covering 40+ countries.

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Enterprise Solutions

We provide location-based solutions for Sports & Entertainment, Nonprofits, Politics, Real Estate, and more. Talk to us about using the power of mapped content to bring your organization’s impact to life.

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