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Real time, one-stop information sharing and collaboration tool for enterprise teams.

With Relola team members post information on the fly – anywhere, anytime.  From operating rooms to forests, our solutions make it a snap to capture data and provide instant visibility into all enterprise initiatives.

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Powerful Features

Packed with powerful features that make information sharing delightful and data curation a snap.

Customized Display

Design your map's pins, vary pin styles depending on post category. Customize your map's color scheme, zoom level, center point, and more.

Geo-specific communication

Define "geo-fences" around the locations of your choice and gain insight into when your channel members arrive and depart those places.

Backend data feed

Build your channel through any combination of manual post submission, live feed of your system's data, or periodic bulk loads from spreadsheets.

Asset Tracking

Track physical assets and see where your equipment is located in real-time. Record damage, supply inventory and more.


How it Works

Your team members post content through your customized form.


Photos, videos and comments instantly appear on your team map. Posted information is then shared publicly or privately, depending on how your channel is configured.

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Team Solutions

Completely Customizable

 Configurable features ensure the right solution for your organization.

Sales Teams
Show product impact. Share sales call outcomes. Track inventory. Increase performance.
Showcase CSR efforts. Unite dispersed teams. Report from conferences. Collaborate on field services. Build culture.
Display impact. Automatically update stakeholders. Gather data from events. Increase donations.
Share testimonials. Leverage social followers. Share specials. Boost traffic to your website.


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Enterprise Solutions

We provide location-based solutions for Sports & Entertainment, Nonprofits, Politics, Real Estate, and more. Talk to us about using the power of mapped content to bring your organization’s impact to life.

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